Plant-Based Gluten-Free Meal Prep: Foods I Prep Every Week!

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To set everyone in my house up for a week of delicious, nutritious eating, I do a ton of Vegan and Gluten-Free Meal Prep! From snacks and breakfasts to dinner and desserts, these are the foods that I prep every single week.

Vegan Meal Prep

With three little ones and two busy adults in the house, it sometimes feels like food just flies out the windows. There is ALWAYS someone hungry, always dishes in the sink, and always a meal to prepare! As I’ve gotten into the groove of keeping our home running smoothly, I’ve started noticing the same recipes being prepped over and over again. This post is filled with the Vegan Meal Prep Foods I Make Every Week! They’re all vegan and gluten-free, and they’re all of my family’s favorites. I spotlighted our favorite in each category, and then listed out a few more varieties of each dish so you can mix it up and keep it interesting!

  • Granola
  • Breakfast Cookies & Muffins
  • Smoothie Freezer Bags
  • Sauces & Dips
  • Cashew Creams
  • Hummus
  • Lunch
  • Dinner – Quinoa/Rice and Roast Veggies
  • Dessert
  • Energy Bites
  • Crispy Chickpeas

How I Vegan Meal Prep: Whenever I Have a Minute!

This might look like a lot of prep, but the truth is, assembling these whenever I have a few extra minutes in the kitchen saves me SO MUCH time in the long run! Most of these recipes take just a couple minutes of hands on time (like quinoa in the Instant Pot!), and having them on hand makes assembling meals faster and less stressful. I do quite a bit of prep at the beginning of each week, and then replenish things as needed and as I have time. My kids love to get involved, and they’ve become great kitchen helpers! They help gather and measure ingredients, mix everything together, and scoop things into storage containers. I make an activity out of making hummus, energy bites, muffins, and cookies! I also rely on my freezer for so many things. Cook when you have time, make a double batch, and freeze half for the following week. It’s such a relief when I remember muffins, smoothie freezer bags, chocolate goodies, or energy bites stashed and waiting to be enjoyed!


My family really loves granola! It’s delicious by the handful as a snack, served over plant-based yogurt, in a bowl with Almond Milk as cereal, or sprinkled on top of Apple Nachos. We love it as a breakfast, snack, and even dessert…seriously, sprinkle granola over my Easy Blender Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream for the BEST treat!

If there’s ever leftover granola at the end of the week (rare!), I’ll use it to make Granola Bark or Granola Energy Bites to snack on all weekend.

Breakfast Cookies or Muffins

I like to have some kind of baked good in the kitchen each week. Our favorites change with the season, but most of the time I make muffins or breakfast cookies for a grab-and-go Vegan Meal Prep option. These are also awesome for snacking or if I finish a smoothie and want a little something extra. As a bonus, they all freeze really well, so a double batch means less prep for future me!

Smoothie Freezer Bags

I am a total smoothie addict! I drink a smoothie every single day. My favorite smoothies have hidden veggies, creamy texture, and they taste like an indulgent treat! I prepare for a week of delicious smoothies by grabbing a couple favorite recipes and then portioning out all of the non-liquid ingredients into single-serving bags that get stored in the freezer. When I’m ready for a smoothie, I just dump it into the blender and add liquid and ice! Below are a couple favorites, and I’ve explained how I’d set up the Smoothie Freezer Bag for that recipe.

Sauces and Dips

I mentioned in the Ultimate Vegan Sauces Roundup that sauces are basically the foundation for my meal prep, which you’ll totally see reflected here! I always start with the sauces and flavors I’m craving, make those, and then build meals around it.

Cashew Creams


We always make a double batch of hummus! This is what we snack on constantly. We dip any and all veggies in hummus, add a spoonful to bowls with quinoa and roasted veggies, or spread it onto Vegan Raw Rainbow Veggie Wraps. I even have a secret ingredient that makes it SO, so creamy!


I’m pretty predictable with lunch! You’ll usually find me eating some variety of a quinoa salad in the middle of the day. These are REALLY easy to prepare ahead of time, especially when I’ve already made a batch of Instant Pot Quinoa. I love quinoa as a base for a lunch salad because it’s loaded with fiber and is a complete protein with all eight essential amino acids. It’s an incredible way to add nutrients into Vegan Meal Prep!

Vegan Meal Prep: Dinner

Most often I use a spoonful of quinoa as a base for dinner. From there I add a roasted or grilled veggie and a scoop of hummus or drizzle of sauce, and then a handful of roasted chickpeas. It’s all prepped and ready to go so even when things are hectic in the house and I’m feeling exhausted, we still have a filling and nutritious meal on the table!

I usually also select a couple seasonal veggies to roast or grill depending on the time of year. I’ll get a start on those if they store well and don’t get soggy! Even if the veggies get a little bit wilted in the fridge, usually a few minutes in the oven will revive them and give them the crispy outside that I love.


You can bet that I ALWAYS have some kind of chocolate on hand! I just refuse to ignore my sweet tooth. Usually I choose one or two treats to prepare each week and then I keep them in the freezer. These can all be thawed for a bit on the counter before enjoying, but I like them frozen, too!

Vegan Meal Prep: Energy Bites

We love energy bites, especially the kids! They taste like cookies, they’re filled with nutrients that give us energy, and they’re really easy to make and store. My daughter even makes them on her own now! I make at least a batch of these every week, but usually more often since they only last a day or two! I try to store them in the freezer to help them last in our household a bit longer. Everything in our freezer gets labeled with masking tape so I know the name of the recipe and the date it was prepared.

Crispy Chickpeas

These are best made fresh, so this is more like an ongoing thing that I’m making all the time as part of my Vegan Meal Prep! They’re at their most crunchy and perfect right out of the oven, and since it’s such a quick and easy recipe, it’s no stress to make them as soon as I know I want some. I sometimes prep the BBQ spice mix in advance so that it is easy to toss on the freshly roasted chickpeas on busy weeknights.

Nourish in the New Year

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