This ultra-creamy homemade Vegan Sour Cream is so quick and easy to make and has the perfect amount of tang.  All you need is cashews, water, lemon, apple cider vinegar and salt.  Everything goes straight in your blender and out comes homemade sour cream that you wouldn’t believe is completely dairy-free.  Add it to your tacos, chili, baked potatoes, salad dressing, dips, nachos, roasted veggies or even baked goods.  

Vegan Sour Cream Recipe

I am beyond obsessed with this simple and easy vegan sour cream recipe!  Not only does it look just like the real deal, but it also has a rich tangy flavor and creamy texture that you would expect with sour cream.  The fresh lemon and apple cider vinegar provide the tang and the salt helps to bring it out.  Everything goes directly into a high-speed blender and it will thicken up as it chills in your refrigerator.  You could use it right away but initially it will be a bit thinner in consistency and warm from the blender. 

Vegan Sour Cream

All About Cashews

The creaminess for this homemade vegan sour cream comes from raw cashews which offer plant-based protein and are also incredibly nutrient dense.  Cashews are considered an excellent source of copper and a good source of magnesium, manganese, vitamin K, phosphorous and zinc.  The nutrition facts for the sour cream are listed below the recipe and are much more ideal as compared to store-bought sour cream. 

I buy raw, unsalted cashews in the bulk section of my grocery store and store them in my refrigerator in a large mason jar that is airtight.  In the refrigerator cashews can last up to six months.  They can actually last up to a year if you store them in your freezer.    

Easy Vegan Sour Cream Recipe

Should I Soak My Cashews?

It is up to you and the type of blender you own.  My high speed blender does a great job of making a creamy sour cream without any soaking.  I’m usually in a rush so I rarely soak my nuts in advance.  Some people like to soak cashews in advance to make them easier to blend and also to make them more easily digestible.  I’ve also read that soaking helps make the nutrients more available.  

If you do decide to soak you can soak them in room temperature water overnight.  Or, you can use a quick-soak method and cover them in boiling water for an hour or two.  Either way you will want to drain and rinse the cashews before using in this recipe.

Easy Homemade Sour Cream

Recipes to Use with Sour Cream

I especially love adding a dollop of this homemade vegan sour cream to roasted veggies, Mexican fare and chili.  The below recipes are some of my favorites that pair well with this dairy-free sour cream.  All these recipes are vegan, gluten-