The Pantry Staple That Does It All: Over 30 Chickpea Recipes!

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Yes please, chickpeas! Let me show you how this pantry staple really does do it all, whether it’s a crunchy snack, a protein-filled dinner addition, or whipped into perfectly creamy hummus. This roundup of over 30 Chickpea Recipes will inspire you to grab a can ASAP!

Chickpea Recipes

I think chickpeas are one of the best foods around! I love using them in different ways, and no joke, I probably consume two cans a day! Every single grocery order I place has several cans of chickpeas because I never want to run out. Why so many chickpeas? Since I eat completely plant-based, I get most of my protein from nuts, seeds, and legumes like chickpeas. Yup, that’s the number one benefit of garbanzo beans: they are so high in protein! As a legume, chickpeas also contain fiber, complex carbs, and folic acid.  Plus, they are low in fat and contain no cholesterol! They digest slowly, which helps me feel full longer, but never stuffed.

Chickpeas are one of my favorite pantry staples I use to whip up last minute recipes.  They are easy to work with, versatile, inexpensive and nutritious. This roundup of Chickpea Recipes includes all of the ways I use this pantry staple to add filling, satisfying, nutritious protein into my diet.  

The Difference Between Garbanzo Beans and Chickpeas

The only difference between chickpeas and garbanzo beans is their name! Chickpeas and garbanzo beans are the very same thing. “Garbanzo” is the Spanish name, while “Chickpea” is the English one. If a recipe calls for chickpeas, then you can grab a can of garbanzo beans…and vice versa! I will always note if a recipe requires the skins to be removed from your chickpeas. If a recipe doesn’t require peeling for optimal results, I say to skip the extra work! One of the simplest, most straightforward ways to enjoy chickpeas is to toast them until they’re crispy and eat them as a snack. My favorite way to enjoy crispy chickpeas is is to rinse a can, dry them completely, toss with 2 tablespoons avocado oil, and and roast in a cast iron skillet at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes. Then immediately toss in 3/4 teaspoon salt and 3/4 teaspoon maple sugar (or coconut sugar). I eat them plain or use these roasted chickpeas as a soup and salad topper for some crunch! Here are some seasoned variations:

Chickpea Recipes: Hummus

Hummus is the all-star dish that most people think of when they use chickpeas! Most hummus recipes are made from chickpeas, a bit of tahini (a sesame seed paste that adds awesome flavor), a squeeze of lemon, and flavoring additions like garlic, salt, and pepper. We make a LOT of hummus in our home, and it’s so easy that now my kids all know how to make it, too! I even have a hummus secret ingredient that makes it turn out SO creamy, you won’t believe it! You don’t need to peel the light, translucent skins off of your chickpeas unless you want to. It creates a lot of extra work and, in my experience, doesn’t change the end result that drastically!

Soup, Salad, & Sandwiches: Lunch Recipes with Chickpeas

So many of my favorite dishes feature chickpeas, including soups, salads, and even sandwiches! I use chickpeas as the perfect substitute for eggs in “egg” salad sandwiches, as an alternate to chicken in my super-comforting Chickpea Soup for the Soul, and even as a crunchy salad topper in place of croutons! See? They’re the pantry staple that does it all!

Dinner Recipes with Chickpeas

I make so many of my family’s dinners with chickpeas! They’re a really great source of plant-based protein, and they add filling substance to our meals. One of the easiest ways to create a well-rounded vegan meal is to roast veggies, serve them over Easy Coconut Rice or Perfectly Cooked Quinoa with a great Vegan Sauce or Dip, and top it off with crunchy toasted chickpeas. Delicious, satisfying, and it can be remixed in a hundred different ways!

If having chickpeas for dessert sounds like I’m taking it too far, hear me out! The flavor of chickpeas is so mild that it really blends into whatever you pair it with, and in the case of these cookie bars, I went sweet! Using chickpeas as a base for Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars makes for a really delicious way to get protein into your diet while also enjoying dessert. Plus, my kids love it, which is always a plant-based eating win!

More Plant-Based Eating Resources

I hope this roundup of Chickpea Recipes inspires you to grab a couple cans next time you’re grocery shopping! Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are one of the most versatile pantry staples that I use daily. If you’re interested in more plant-based recipes and the delicious ways you can add vegan dishes into your day, then I hope you’ll stick around and explore my site a bit! Get exclusive content and weekly recipe updated by subscribing to my newsletter (new readers get a FREE printable with 10 easy vegan and gluten-free weeknight dinners!), and join me in the kitchen on Instagram.

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