Frozen Inspired Smoothie Bowl (Dairy-Free + Dye-Free)

A thick and creamy smoothie bowl for all the Disney Frozen lovers out there!  This nutritious and veggies-filled Frozen inspired smoothie bowl is dairy-free and dye-free.   I know everyone is all Thanksgiving focused this week (including myself) but my girls are counting down the days until Frozen 2 gets released in theaters.  So in honor

Frozen Inspired Smoothie Bowl (Dairy-Free + Dye-Free)2019-11-22T22:34:29-05:00

Almond Pulp Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

I often get asked for recipe ideas that utilize the leftover almond pulp that results from making homemade almond milk.  There are so many ways to use it so that it does not go to waste.  I love to use almond pulp in baked goods or to make almond meal or almond meal crackers.  I'm

Almond Pulp Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie2019-07-31T21:12:06-04:00

Healthy Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl (vegan + refined sugar-free + gluten-free)

What better way to start your special day than a nutritious birthday cake smoothie bowl.  It is refreshing, thick, creamy and tastes just like vanilla cake batter.  Yum!  This is the perfect solution for all the summer birthdays out there.   You can have fun with the toppings and get creative.  Here, I used all-natural, dye-free

Healthy Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl (vegan + refined sugar-free + gluten-free)2019-07-26T14:25:37-04:00

Creamy Pink Smoothie Bowl (vegan + paleo + refined sugar-free)

This time of year is perfect for big chilly smoothie bowls.  I love a super thick and creamy base loaded up with fun and delicious toppings.  This one is raspberry-themed and full of flavor and texture.  My girls go crazy over this one.  They think it almost too pretty to eat.  Almost.... For a base

Creamy Pink Smoothie Bowl (vegan + paleo + refined sugar-free)2019-07-24T22:16:26-04:00

Dye-Free Red, White and Blue Smoothie (vegan)

This patriotic and healthy smoothie is the perfect way to start your July 4th.  The vibrant colors are super festive and will have everyone singing "I'm Proud to Be an American!" This smoothie is made with frozen riced cauliflower which I love using as a creamy, neutral base in smoothies.  It has no flavor and

Dye-Free Red, White and Blue Smoothie (vegan)2019-07-08T15:13:51-04:00

Mint Cacao Nib Smoothie + Giveaway!

This is my healthy version of a mint chocolate chip ice cream flurry.  It has a sweet, creamy, vanilla base with a hint of rich chocolate from the cacao nibs.  The mint leaves are so refreshing especially in the morning.  Together, this is a decadent treat that is loaded with nutrients. What are cacao nibs?

Mint Cacao Nib Smoothie + Giveaway!2019-05-20T16:41:39-04:00

Watermelon Mint Lime Slushies

These watermleon slushies are literally summer in a glass.  Nothing is better on a hot, humid, sweltering summer day than these frosty babies.  They have it all: sugar sweet watermelon flavor combined with zesty, tangy lime juice and fresh, sweet, herby mint.  The more ice you add the frostier they will be. This recipe is

Watermelon Mint Lime Slushies2019-05-17T06:51:54-04:00

Vegan “Nutella” Smoothie Bowl

Nutella, in smoothie bowl form!  Why didn't I think of this before? There is something addictive about hazelnuts plus chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a touch of salt.  It is the perfect combination and incredibly decadent. I basically took these star ingredients from Nutella and combined them with hazelnut milk, ice and riced frozen

Vegan “Nutella” Smoothie Bowl2019-05-17T06:51:40-04:00

Wild Blueberry Pie Smoothie Bowl

Wild blueberries are a nutrition powerhouse.  Here I blended them with creamy ingredients and added hints of vanilla and cinnamon to create a frosty breakfast bowl that is sure to satisfy.  It is a fun and healthy way to start the day. These smoothie bowls have a velvety, deep-purple color and perfectly sweet flavor.  It really

Wild Blueberry Pie Smoothie Bowl2019-05-17T06:51:25-04:00

Vegan Healthy Birthday Cake Smoothie

Now that the girls are getting older, we have started some fun family birthday traditions and this birthday cake smoothie is one of them.  It is basically vanilla birthday cake in smoothie form.  I wanted to share this recipe with you because my girls quickly inhale it whenever I make it and think it is the

Vegan Healthy Birthday Cake Smoothie2019-05-17T06:51:23-04:00

Healthy Shamrock Shake

It is March and McDonald's is already offering their St. Patty's Day signature drink, the Shamrock Shake.  The tagline for this drink is "cool, minty and full of luck."  Sounds great until you read the fine print.  It is not only full of empty calories but it contains chemicals, additives and food dyes.  The ingredients

Healthy Shamrock Shake2019-05-17T06:51:13-04:00

Sunshine Smoothie

This smoothie is giving me brightness, life and all the good vibes lately.  It is simple to make and tastes so creamy, citrusy and refreshing.  When I'm craving something nourishing and fun this is what I make.  I usually enjoy it first thing in the morning or as a post-workout snack. To make this smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie2019-05-17T06:51:10-04:00

Vegan Apple Pie Smoothie

I am a year-round smoothie kind of girl.  My morning just feels incomplete if I don't start it with a nutrient-packed smoothie. I just find them to be so easy and refreshing in the mornings.  Even in winter I love to cozy up to a smoothie with a sweatshirt, warm blanket and cup of steaming hot tea

Vegan Apple Pie Smoothie2019-05-17T06:50:57-04:00