Sneaking vegetables into smoothies so you cannot taste them is my new favorite healthy food hack.  It sort of feels like I’m cheating at life.  Having something that tastes so sweet and decadent but is secretly full of loads of veggies seems so deceiving.  But, I’m very pregnant and the majority of this pregnancy I have had a vegetable aversion so this has been a great way to ensure I’m getting a variety of vegetables into my diet.  Plus, my kids love it too.

This smoothie looks and tastes like pure, creamy blueberry bliss but contains four vegetables: cauliflower, zucchini, peas and spinach.  I even added avocado, hemp seeds, raw almond butter and bee pollen for added nutrients.

I find frozen riced cauliflower has no flavor at all and works best in smoothies.  I have tried cooking and freezing cauliflower myself but not only is that a process but I find cooking the vegetable gives it more of a flavor in the smoothie.  The frozen riced cauliflower is easy to blend in and adds zero flavor.  It just thickens the smoothie and makes it extra creamy.  In another recipe I added cauliflower to a chocolate smoothie which was also a great way to hide it.

For the zucchini, I simply cut it up raw and freeze the slices overnight in the freezer.  I buy the frozen peas and typically use fresh spinach although you could use frozen.  Just make sure it is raw to minimize the flavor.

This smoothie also offers plant-based protein from the almond butter, almond milk, bee pollen and hemp seeds.  So in one glass you are getting fruits, vegetables, plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fats.  It really packs in a lot of nutrition while tasting refreshing and sweet and looking vibrant and beautiful.

I truly hope you enjoy this hidden veggie smoothie recipe as much I do.  It has been a huge hit with my young girls and my husband (who are all not vegetable lovers).  I promise you that you really will not taste the vegetables at all in this smoothie.

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