This one-pot Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles is such a delicious, healthy and quick option to have for the upcoming change in season. The red curry paste and fresh ginger add the perfect amount of heat and flavor while the creamy coconut milk smooths everything out! I’ve added in mushrooms, spiralized red pepper and zucchini noodles to really up the nutritional value and fresh flavor. If you’re a fan of Thai food then this vegan, grain-free, paleo and nut-free soup is for you!

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles shown in a white bowl with a silver spoon, topped with fresh cilantro and lime wedges.

This yummy vegan Thai coconut curry soup is the perfect spicy, creamy, savory and vibrant recipe to get you through these chilly winter months.  It is rich, filling and soothing on the throat.

I absolutely love how easy this one-pot soup is to make.  I can prep it in under ten minutes and it cooks in just 15 minutes with minimal hands-on time required.

Thai food has got to be one of my ultimate favorite cuisines. I love the way a perfect balance of heat is married to sweet and sour flavors. Ginger, lemongrass, coconutthese three ingredients are a match made in heaven! Pair them with the deep notes of a great curry paste and you are well on your way to enjoying a taste sensation!

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles shown in a large white bowl with a silver spoon

Ingredients for Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup

This right here is the healthy, vibrant comfort food you have been craving this chilly season.  It offers so much flavor.  We’ve got fresh ginger, lemongrass, Thai basil and cilantro paired with a little heat from the red Thai curry paste and some sweet creaminess from the coconut milk. 

Here are the eight simple ingredients you need:

  1. full-fat coconut milk
  2. low sodium vegetable broth
  3. fresh ginger root
  4. Thai red curry paste
  5. fresh lemongrass
  6. mushrooms
  7. red bell pepper
  8. zucchini 

I like to garnish the soup with fresh Thai basil, cilantro and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles shown in a black bowl with a silver spoon. The soup is garnished with fresh cilantro and lime wedges.

What’s the difference between red, green, and yellow Thai curry paste?

There are three main types of Thai curry paste that you can purchase: red, green, and yellow.

The difference in color is directly related to the type of chili that is used as a base for the paste along with the other ingredients, like sweet red, green and yellow peppers.

Curry paste will usually have a few common ingredients used in all three types.  However, each type of curry paste will have it’s own unique flavor profile and level of heat.

Every brand of curry paste will be different, even inside of the red, green and yellow varieties. If keeping this recipe vegan is important to you, it should be noted that many curry pastes will include a fish sauce and/or shrimp paste as an ingredient. Just be sure to check the label before purchasing your curry paste to ensure there are no animal ingredients.

All three typically use: onion, garlic, turmeric, coriander, lemongrass, galangal and ginger.  Below is where they are different:

  • Red Thai curry paste typically includes dried red chiles and red pepper
  • Green Thai curry paste typically includes green chiles and green pepper
  • Yellow Thai curry paste typically includes yellow chiles

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles shown in a white bowl with a silver spoon, garnished with fresh cilantro and lime.

Is red curry paste spicy?

As for heat, let the color be your guide! Typically red curry paste offers more spice than green curry paste, with yellow curry paste falling somewhere in between.

Depending on the brand you buy, some red curry pastes may be spicier than others.  For this Thai coconut soup recipe we will be using two teaspoons of red curry paste.  The end result of this soup will be well-rounded with the sweetness of the coconut milk, the depth of flavor from the vegetable broth and the tang of the fresh lime juice.

Feel free to adjust the heat to your preference, adding a little more spice if you prefer.

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles in a black bowl, topped with fresh cilantro and lime wedges. Chopsticks are shown placed on top of the bowl.

Is Thai coconut soup healthy?

Brimming with vibrant colors, this Thai soup is full of antioxidants from three vegetables: mushrooms, zucchini and red bell pepper.

One of the healthiest parts of this soup is the fresh spices.  Fresh ginger root has been used in Asian medicine for thousands of years for the treatment of stomach aches, diarrhea and nausea.  Today, ginger is used as a dietary supplement for post-surgery nausea; nausea caused by motion, chemotherapy, or pregnancy; rheumatoid arthritis; and osteoarthritis.  According to the National Institutes of Health, some evidence indicates that ginger may help relieve pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting.  Ginger may also help to control nausea related to cancer chemotherapy when used in addition to conventional anti-nausea medication.

When we combine all of these fresh vegetables and spices with the rich, healthy fat of the coconut, this Thai soup is a complete win. 

Tools to make vegan Thai coconut soup with zoodles

There are two tools I would recommend for this vegan zoodle soup. The first one is an Inspiralizer. With this specialized tool you can make the vegetable noodles from red bell pepper and zucchini.

Another tool that will make your Thai soup perfect is a microplane. I use this for the fresh ginger. It’s perfect because ginger has a very tough texture and for this coconut soup, we’re going for a smooth base.

How to serve vegan coconut curry soup

I love to serve my soup piping hot and garnish it with fresh cilantro, Thai basil and a squeeze of fresh lime.

This soup is wonderful all on its own for a light meal especially if you are on the mend. It would be even more delicious paired with a hearty winter salad

Can you freeze Thai coconut curry soup?

Coconut milk tends to separate when frozen. If you would like to meal prep this soup and have it in the freezer, I would recommend adding all of the ingredients except for the coconut milk. Then, you can easily add in a can of coconut milk when you reheat this soup. Go ahead and garnish with fresh basil, cilantro and lime just before serving.

Vegan Thai Curry Coconut Soup with Zoodles shown in a white bowl with a silver spoon garnished with fresh cilantro and lime.

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