Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl

What better way to start your special day than a nutritious birthday cake smoothie bowl.  It is refreshing, thick, creamy and tastes just like vanilla cake batter.  Yum!  This is the perfect solution for all the summer birthdays out there.  

Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl

You can have fun with the toppings and get creative.  Here, I used all-natural, dye-free vegan sprinkles, shredded coconut, frozen berries and coconut whipped cream.  You could also “ice” it with a drizzle of melted coconut butter.  

And if you want to make a birthday wish to start your day, add a candle.  Why not, right!?

Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl

For the past couple of years we have been doing Birthday Cake Smoothies on the morning of everyone’s birthday.  I thought a smoothie bowl would help take things to the next level by allowing more space for celebratory toppings.  Plus, everyone can grab a spoon and dig in.  My youngest, David, turned two and since Baltimore is experiencing a mini-heat wave we thought this would be the perfect way to celebrate his big day. 

It was a huge hit with all three kids.  Definitely a great way to start the day! 

Healthy Birthday Cake Smoothie

See the bottom of this post for more pictures of David first thing in the morning enjoying his birthday cake smoothie bowl!  

The base of the smoothie is frozen bananas which give it a thick and creamy feel – almost like ice cream.  I added frozen riced cauliflower and blanched slivered almonds too for added nutrition and more creaminess.  It is naturally sweetened with dates and the bananas keeping it refined sugar-free.  You can also add gluten-free oats for a cake-like flavor.  To keep it thick I only used 1/2 cup of plant-based milk.  You could add whatever birthday cake flavor or color you like best.  Here, I stuck with vanilla/white to keep it classic.  My 4-year-old, Jade, said for her birthday she wants a strawberry/pink birthday cake smoothie bowl.  Sounds good to me!  Have fun mixing it up and making it your own.  I hope this provides you with a base recipe that can be used for inspiration to make your birthday cake smoothie perfect for you!  Mine would obviously be chocolate-themed.

I hope you enjoy this creamy vegan birthday cake smoothie bowl recipe as much as our family does!  It is gluten-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, vegan, soy-free and peanut-free.  If you give it a try, please snap a pic and tag #eatingbyelaine and @eatingbyelaine on InstagramTwitter or Facebook so I can see you enjoying your birthday creations.  Happy birthday!