This pancake recipe has become our weekend tradition and the entire family just gobbles it up.  I’m making a double batch this weekend for my always hungry party of five! 

These pancakes are seriously fluffy and have the perfect texture.  You would never know they are vegan and gluten-free.  Plus, I kept them nut-free and refined sugar-free too.  They are naturally sweetened by a little maple syrup and then flavored with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon.  The juicy blueberries are studded throughout and are just so warm and satisfying in every bite.  They offer a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C.  When selecting your blueberries, choose firm, plump, dry blueberries that are uniform in size and have a dusty blue color.

I love to top mine with vegan butter and maple syrup.  You could use any nut or seed butter, chia jam, any fresh berries or sliced bananas.