This is my current go-to vegan and gluten-free cookie recipe.  I have many cookie recipes on this blog but here are the reasons I am loving this one now:

  1. The BEST consistency – they are soft-baked but ever so slightly crispy on the outside.  They stay together perfectly and do not crumble.
  2. Healthy and allergy-friendly but no crazy ingredients like arrowroot powder, apple sauce or flaxseed.  I’ve used these in the past and they work great but not everyone feels comfortable baking with these ingredients or has them on hand at all times.  I wanted to create a classic cookie recipe that tastes like the real deal with nutritious ingredients that you would be more likely to have in your pantry.  The flour for this recipe is a 50/50 combo of  almond flour and whole grain oats.  Together, it provides the perfect consistency, flavor and nutrition profile offering whole grains, plant-based protein and healthy fats.  I also went for vegan butter instead of almond butter which I use in many other cookie recipes.  Almond butter would work great too but I find the vegan, soy-free butter makes it a bit more decadent.
  3. Refined sugar-free and perfectly sweetened – I used just 1/4 cup of maple syrup in the entire batch and was pleased with the level of sweetness.  Maple syrup is unrefined making it a great option for a healthier cookie.  Of course your chocolate chunks contain sugar so just go for a darker chocolate which usually means less added sugar.

I make cookies at least weekly with my girls.  They love to measure, stir and of course lick any leftover cookie dough.  Since this recipe is egg-free it is perfectly safe.

A batch of these cookies never lasts more than a day or two in our household.  I have served these to non-vegan, non-gluten-free crowds and have been asked for the recipe every time.  People are always shocked to learn how healthy they are.

The salty, chocolate-y combination never disappoints.  Put into cookie form and you have a winning dessert every time.