These easy, nutritious, no-bake parfaits are perfect for serving at your next brunch.  The first layer is a sweet crumbly and buttery “pie crust” made from mostly raw sunflower seeds and oats.   Next, comes all the tangy key lime flavor in the creamy pudding layer which is made from avocados, limes, maple syrup and a touch of vanilla and salt.  I doubled up on those first two layers and then topped it all off with homemade coconut whipped cream for an airy, sweet, cool and creamy finish.  I sprinkled extra “pie crust” crumbles and lime zest on top and garnished each parfait with a fresh lime slice. 

The presentation is most definitely a showstopper.  And when your guests dig in they will love the layers together in one incredible spoonful. 

It is basically a healthy key lime pie in breakfast form.  It is surprisingly filling and offers plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fat all in one shot.  And, it doesn’t contain any butter, refined sugar, condensed milk, egg yolks or heavy whipping cream.