A thick and creamy smoothie bowl for all the Disney Frozen lovers out there!  This nutritious and veggies-filled Frozen inspired smoothie bowl is dairy-free and dye-free.  

Frozen Inspired Smoothie

I know everyone is all Thanksgiving focused this week (including myself) but my girls are counting down the days until Frozen 2 gets released in theaters.  So in honor of their fervent Frozen fevers I’m making them this Disney Frozen inspired smoothie bowl.  It tastes delicious and I can’t wait to surprise my girls with this before we go see their new favorite movie (as they already are calling it).

Frozen Inspired Smoothie Bowl

As many of you know, Riley and Jade are die hard fans of the first movie (as most 2-7 year-old girls are).  Their deep love for Frozen is exhibited by their constant “Let It Go” performances, dressing up as Anna and Elsa (for and outside of Halloween), reenacting the movie together on our fireplace stage and loving all things with a Frozen label or a snowflake on it. Their birthday party was themed Frozen this past April and the real Anna and Elsa came to party with them all the way from Arendelle.  They are all-in Frozen fanatics and have no shame about it. Which I love. I’ll be so sad one day when the Disney enthusiasm starts to fade.

Elsa and Anna Costumes