This Walnut Crusted Roasted Delicata Squash recipe is a flavorful, nutritious and easy side dish that is sweet, savory, salty, crispy and satisfying.  When roasted, delicata squash has a tender texture with crisp golden edges that make each piece irresistible.  Serve it as a fall side dish or over salads, in grain bowls or in tacos.  

Walnut Crusted Roasted Delicata Squash

Why I’m loving this Walnut Crusted Roasted Delicata Squash

Delicata squash absorbs flavors well and is quick to cook.  It is an easy squash to work with since it isn’t difficult to slice and you don’t need to peel it.  Also the seeds come out with a fork or spoon without much effort.  

In this recipe I used walnuts and maple syrup to infuse the squash with fall flavors.  You could also use pecans in place of the walnuts.  The roasted sweet and salty nutty crumbles are completely irresistible with the tender flesh of the delicata squash.  

Encrusting the delicata squash with the walnuts not only tastes amazing but it makes the dish more hearty and satisfying.  It is wonderful on its own but also would work well served overtop a fall salad.  I also love it in grain bowls drizzeled with tahini.  I’ve even used it in soft tacos before and it was totally scrumptious.  You really cannot go wrong with this one since the flavors are so agreeable with most recipes.  

Processed Walnuts

The only ingredients that you need for this Walnut Crusted Roasted Delicata Squash recipe are:

  1. delicata squash
  2. maple syrup
  3. arrowroot powder
  4. walnuts
  5. extra virgin olive oil
  6. salt & pepper

You simply stir everything together in a bowl until the squash is evenly coated.

Delicata Squash in Bowl with Walnuts and Seasonings

Coated Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash Before Roasted