This lusciously creamy and rich vegan Mac ‘N Cheese is perfect for a cold winter night as an entree or side dish.  It has an easy one-minute dairy-free cheese sauce that is made in your blender with pantry ingredients you likely have on hand.  This is truly a simple recipe that you can get on your table with minimal effort.  The sauce is thick, savory and exactly what we all need from a steamy bowl of cheesy pasta.  This dish offers plant-based protein and a vegetable, making this a healthier pasta dish that you will want to cozy up to again and again.

The Best Vegan Mac N Cheese

After trying many mac and cheese recipes I have finally found the ONE!  This really is the BEST Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese I have ever had and there is no going back now.  Nothing will ever compare to this cheesy, flavorful, rich and creamy steamy bowl of macaroni and cheese.

The Best Vegan Mac N Cheese 

Here is why I’m loving this creamy, dreamy flavorful sauce (and why it makes the BEST mac ‘n cheese ever):

Vegan Mac N Cheese Sauce

  • It is super quick and easy to make.  Just throw everything into your blender and in one minute the cheese sauce is ready to rock your elbow noodles’ world.  Literally that is it.  It is just as easy (and so much more delicious and nutritious) than boxed mac ‘n cheese.  It is the ultimate lazy and comforting weeknight dinner.  
  • It contains a vegetable and plant-based protein.  The sauce has a rich flavor and smooth texture from the cashew and sweet potato base.  The sweet potato also offers the yellow-orange color you expect in a cheese sauce.  Plus, it offers a very subtle sweetness that makes this sauce.  It also keeps the sauce thick and substantial so every noodle is coated in creamy goodness.  It is so nice that in every bite you are getting a veggie and some protein.  Depending on the noodle you use you are either getting a whole grain or potentially a legume with additional protein.  You could also add a green veggie to this dish such as steamed broccoli to amp up the nutrition even more.  
  • It uses wholesome ingredients that you likely have on hand.  The sauce is made from ingredients I typically have in my pantry that are not quickly perishable which means this meal is easy to pull together without much forethought.  I always seem to have pasta (any type will work), sweet potatoes, cashews, almond milk (or any plant-based milk really), garlic and seasonings in my kitchen.  If I have the forethought to meal prep and cook the sweet potatoes in advance then that is a total bonus and makes this meal even faster.

Pouring Vegan Mac N Cheese Sauce Over Elbow Noodles

This recipe is definitely not just for vegans. 

My husband is a cheese-loving non-vegan and absolutely loves this recipe more than any mac ‘n cheese he has ever had.  True story.  And it is definitely kid-friendly too (like any mac ‘n cheese dish).  No one will detect that it contains a vegetable and is entirely plant-based.  I promise.  In fact, my 6-year-old daughter recently had a girlfriend over for dinner and she requested mac ‘n cheese.  I made this recipe for her and she asked for seconds.  The kids were ALL licking the bowls. 

Vegan and Gluten-Free Mac N Cheese Recipe

What are the health benefits of sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables to incorporate into recipes whenever possible.  Their vibrant orange color lets you know you are getting all that immune-boosting vitamin A (also helpful for vision and bone health).  They also offer dietary fiber and potassium and are high in vitamin C.  They are convenient and versatile and somehow serve as both a comfort food and health food all at once.

Compared to russet potatoes, sweet potatoes have similar calorie content but offer more fiber.  Plus, one medium sweet potato offers almost 700% of your daily recommend intake of vitamin A, while russets offer none.  Sweet potatoes offer almost double the amount of vitamin C as compared to russets. 

Homemade Vegan Mac N Cheese Recipe

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The Best Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese

Now, let’s get to making The Best Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese!

The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe

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The Best Vegan Mac and Cheese