These vegan Crispy Smashed Potatoes have a golden brown exterior, extra crispy edges and a tender interior that makes them beyond addictive.  They are the perfect simple and quick-to-prepare side dish with incredible flavor and texture.  Whether you are hosting guests for a holiday meal or party or cozying up for a quiet dinner at home, these naturally gluten-free crispy smashed potatoes will become your go-to side dish!

Crispy Smashed Potatoes shown on a white plate, sprinkled with parsley

I want to eat these crispy smashed potatoes right off the baking sheet and never look back.  They taste so incredibly delicious that people tend to crowd around the baking sheet as soon as it comes out of the oven and politely fight over them until every tiny crispy piece is gone.  I crave them more than French fries and they are thankfully so much easier to make. Boil, smash (totally therapeutic), drown in good quality extra virgin olive oil, add your desired seasonings and bake to crispy perfection.  Done!  Or wait, maybe also top with fresh herbs and flaky sea salt for an addictively fresh finish.  

This is a dish that works for brunch, dinner or parties.  It is never not a great time to serve these uber-crispy babies.  I love how simple ingredients can come together to create such a memorable dish.  With a few tricks, you can transform your potatoes into super crispy, flavorful gems!

Crispy Smashed Potatoes sprinkled with parsley and salt

What type of potatoes work best for crispy smashed potatoes?

I recommend using Yukon Gold or new potatoes (also known as creamer potatoes) for this dish. Their small size is perfect for even cooking and it makes them easy to smash.  I love the quick cooking time new potatoes h