These vegan Crispy Smashed Potatoes have a golden brown exterior, extra crispy edges and a tender interior that makes them beyond addictive.  They are the perfect simple and quick-to-prepare side dish with incredible flavor and texture.  Whether you are hosting guests for a holiday meal or party or cozying up for a quiet dinner at home, these naturally gluten-free crispy smashed potatoes will become your go-to side dish!

Crispy Smashed Potatoes shown on a white plate, sprinkled with parsley

I want to eat these crispy smashed potatoes right off the baking sheet and never look back.  They taste so incredibly delicious that people tend to crowd around the baking sheet as soon as it comes out of the oven and politely fight over them until every tiny crispy piece is gone.  I crave them more than French fries and they are thankfully so much easier to make. Boil, smash (totally therapeutic), drown in good quality extra virgin olive oil, add your desired seasonings and bake to crispy perfection.  Done!  Or wait, maybe also top with fresh herbs and flaky sea salt for an addictively fresh finish.  

This is a dish that works for brunch, dinner or parties.  It is never not a great time to serve these uber-crispy babies.  I love how simple ingredients can come together to create such a memorable dish.  With a few tricks, you can transform your potatoes into super crispy, flavorful gems!

Crispy Smashed Potatoes sprinkled with parsley and salt

What type of potatoes work best for crispy smashed potatoes?

I recommend using Yukon Gold or new potatoes (also known as creamer potatoes) for this dish. Their small size is perfect for even cooking and it makes them easy to smash.  I love the quick cooking time new potatoes have, and their flavor is more intense and slightly sweeter than a larger potato would be.  Red potatoes will also work for this recipe.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Ingredients for crispy smashed potatoes

You most likely already have the ingredients you need for my crispy smashed potatoes in your pantry. To make this vegan and gluten-free side dish you will need:

  1. New potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes
  2. Good quality extra virgin olive oil
  3. Seasonings: Garlic powder, salt and pepper

Pretty straight forward and simple.  These potatoes will taste fantastic all on their own, but if you really want to level up the flavor, go ahead and try some of the toppings I suggest below.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

What to top crispy smashed potatoes with

Again, these can be served as is and they are absolutely fantastic that way.  But, the more you make them the more you might want to vary things up.  Here are some of my favorite toppings for this side dish.  

Topping ideas (all vegan and gluten-free)

  1. Fresh herbs. Parsley, thyme, rosemary – these would all be beautiful additions to this side dish.
  2. Tahini sauce. Whisk together runny tahini with filtered water and a touch of maple syrup and pinch of salt.
  3. Nacho cheese sauce. I haven’t tried this yet but I imagine this would really kick up the flavor and add a whole new feel to this crispy smashed potato side dish.
  4. Green tahini sauce
  5. Parsley-pea pesto
  6. Creamy garlic cilantro lime sauce
  7. Creamy cilantro jalapeno lime sauce

Any of these toppings spooned over the crispiest-ever smashed potatoes would not only make the crispy potatoes look beautiful, but they would enhance the flavor as well.  

You can serve the potatoes as an appetizer or pair with soup or salad for a hearty meal. 

Crispy Smashed Potatoes 

How to Make the Crispiest Smashed Potatoes

  1. Choose small potatoes for even quick roasting and crispiness all the way through.
  2. Use a high oven temperature. My trick for the crispiest smashed potatoes is to bake using high heat in the oven. Set your oven to 450 degrees for best results.
  3. Thoroughly DRY your potatoes before baking. The less water the better for a super crispy result.
  4. Use a large rimmed baking sheet and make sure it is not over-crowded.
  5. Brush the baking sheet with extra virgin olive oil.  Even though parchment paper makes clean-up easier, having the potatoes roast against the actual baking sheet will ensure they are extra crispy.  It is worth the clean-up, trust me!
  6. Use the oil. Using oil is essential for that ultra crispy and flavorful result.
  7. Enjoy right away.  They are crispiest when enjoyed straight off the pan soon after they come out of the oven.  After being stored in the refrigerator they will start to get slightly soggy.  If you do have to make them in advance you can pre-boil the potatoes, store in the refrigerator once cooled and then smash, season and bake the day you plan to serve.  

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

What are the health benefits of potatoes?

Potatoes have gotten a bad reputation because of how they are typically prepared: doused in butter, deep-fried or topped with bacon and high-fat cheeses. However, skin-on potatoes themselves have an impressive nutritional content. They contain complex carbohydrates and are a rich source of heart-healthy fiber (which keeps you satisfied longer), vitamin C and potassium. In fact, potatoes have almost twice as much potassium as a banana. Potassium is essential for normal function of muscles (such as your heart) and maintaining electrolyte and water balance in your body. Potatoes also contain vitamin B6 and magnesium.  According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, potatoes contain phytochemicals, which are nutrients that are being studied for their role in protecting us from diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  Like other vegetables, potatoes are a low-calorie food and are free of fat, cholesterol and sodium.

How to select and store potatoes

Potatoes should be clean, firm, dry and smooth (no “eyes,” spots or sprouts). For optimal shelf life, they should be kept in a cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated space for three to five weeks. Do not wash the potatoes before storing or they might decay.

Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Looking for more delicious vegan and gluten-free potato side dishes?

Here are some more great potato side dish ideas I think your family is going to love!

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Now, Let’s get to making these amazing Crispy Smashed Potatoes!


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