This smoothie tastes like a thick and creamy (purple) milkshake.  It is naturally sweetened with dates and purple sweet potato and flavored with sweet cinnamon and vanilla.  It basically tastes like dessert.

Smoothies are typically known for helping to sneak in fruits into your diet.  But, more and more people are using smoothies to sneak in veggies too.  Recently I posted a smoothie recipe that contains FOUR different vegetables (Blueberry Veggie Smoothie ).  This proves that not all vegetable smoothies have to be green.  I’m chasing the rainbow here with some new creations lately!

This latest smoothie recipe is so luxurious and decadent and yet it is all vegetables and no fruit.  I used frozen riced cauliflower (which has a neutral flavor) and frozen sweet potatoes.  I went with frozen purple sweet potatoes which I found in the frozen section of Whole Foods.  But any type of frozen sweet potato will work in terms of flavor and texture (the color will obviously change to orange with an orange sweet potato or stay white with a white sweet potato).

This smoothie gets it protein boost from almond milk, almond butter and hemp seeds.  It offers loads of fiber, healthy fats and nutrients.  And it has been a grand slam hit with my kiddos (plus they love the purple color).

I buy my smoothie vegetables frozen and store in my freezer.  I tried steaming them and freezing myself but found the flavor of the vegetable comes out too much when cooked and ruins the taste of the smoothie.  The raw, prepackaged frozen vegetables tend to work much better for my taste buds.

So have I convinced you yet that vegetables in your morning smoothie are a fabulous idea?  I promise you that you really will not taste the vegetables at all in this smoothie.

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