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Guacamole Haunted Cracker House

Halloween Fun With Food: Haunted Houses

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Make Halloween Haunted Houses with gluten-free crackers and guacamole! This vegan and refined sugar-free treat that makes October extra fun.


  • 1 avocado, pitted and mashed (save the skin for the windows and doors) - [season with a little salt and a squeeze of lime. you can also add red onions, jalapeños and cilantro if desired]
  • 14-16 crackers (I used Simple Mills grain-free almond flour crackers and pita chips)
  • blackberries for bushes (optional)
  • BOO-nanas in background
  • clementine pumpkins in background
  • strawberry tops (just the green leaves) as bushes behind the blackberries


  1. Place a thin rectangle of guacamole on a plate or small serving board.  This is the foundation of the haunted house and helps the crackers stabilize.  Balance the crackers to make a house and use the pita chips (triangles) for the rooftop sides of the house.  Place more crackers from the front door toward the front of the platter/plate to make a sidewalk.  Put guacamole between the crackers.
  2. Decorate the haunted house with avocado skin as chimney, windows and door.  Add a guacamole door handle.  Add blackberries and strawberry tops (just the green leaves) for bushes if desired.
  3. Place BOO-nanas and clementine pumpkins in the background of the haunted house for the full effect!