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How to Create a Vegan Seder Plate

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  • Haroset: Vegan No-Honey Charoset
  • Maror (bitter herb): horseradish (either a spoonful from a jar or horseradish root)
  • Chazeret (bitter green): romaine lettuce, escarole or endive
  • Karpas: parsley
  • Zeroah (or z'roa): in place of the roasted lamb shank-bone use a small whole beet
  • Beitzah: in place of the roasted hard boiled egg use an avocado pit, small cooked potato, flower or a whole small orange (which represents feminism and supports the LGBTQ+ equality)
  • Serve matzah on the side of the seder plate


  1. Place each item in a separate mini bowl in a round formation at the perimeter of the round seder plate.