Healthy Orange Julius

This drink is like a liquid creamsicle (think: vanilla and orange flavor combo).  I feel like a sophisticated kid drinking this frothy, cool, creamy, orange-y sweet treat 🙂

It is not thick or quite as filling as a milkshake or smoothie.  Instead, it is lightly frozen, slightly creamy and very frothy.  A classic orange julius is made with loads of refined sugar.  I swapped in dates for refined sugar and it was still perfectly sweetened.  I added a little hemp seed for a protein boost and to make it even creamier.

As we all know, oranges provide loads of immune-boosting vitamin C.  And this time of year, we can all use more of that!  In fact, evidence suggests that for some people, high doses of Vitamin C might actually shorten a cold by as much as one and a half days. In addition, Vitamin C fights free radicals to prevent or delay certain cancers and heart disease. It is essential for the growth and repair of bodily tissues, helps heal wounds and repairs and maintains healthy cartilage, bones, teeth and skin.

Nutrition aside, this fun drink has had my whole family swooning all week.  To quote my two year old after her first sip: “Again! More!”

Vegan Orange Julius