This Vegan Beet Tzatziki Salad is made with nutrient-rich beets that are cooked, chilled and then tossed in a fresh creamy homemade vegan tzatziki sauce.  The tzatziki sauce has a rich tangy flavor and creamy texture that pairs well with the tender and naturally sweet beets.  The tzatziki sauce is made with fresh cloves of garlic which provide a pungent and slightly spicy flavor that is contrasted by the refreshing cucumber and herby dill.  The salad is tossed with green onions which add more flavor and a subtle crunch to round out this dish.  The beet salad can be made in advance and is best served at room temperature or chilled.  This easy vegetable side dish is gluten-free, grain-free, egg-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly, peanut-free and refined sugar-free.

Vegan Beet Salad with Tzatziki Sauce

Vegan Beet Tzatziki Salad

This Vegan Beet Tzatziki Salad is ideal for an easy nutritious summer side dish.  It is full of incredible flavor and so simple to pull together.  I recommend cooking the beets and making the homemade vegan tzatziki sauce in advance.  This gives the beets time to chill before serving and it also allows the tzatziki sauce to thicken up and for the flavors to develop more.  Before serving, simply cut the beets into cubes and then combine them with the tzatziki sauce.  Add green onions for a flavor-boost and a subtle yet satisfying crunch.  Everything then gets stirred together and you are ready to serve.  This makes over four cups of beet salad, so depending on how you serve it and what you serve it alongside, it could serve up to eight people.

Vegan Beet Tzatziki Salad

I have never been a huge beet fan although I love that beets offer amazing nutrition benefits and have the most vibrant magenta color.  If you are hesitant about beets this recipe is a perfect place to start.  When I have made it for people who claim to really not like beets, they love them in this dish.  I have had people say they don’t even taste like beets in this recipe.  

Vegan Beet Salad

This salad is best served at room temperature or chilled.  It stores well and can be made in advance.