This No-Churn Vegan Chocolate Banana Ice Cream is naturally sweet, smooth and creamy with the perfect amount of chocolate flavor to satisfy your craving.  Simply blend frozen bananas in your blender using a tamper and then flavor with unsweetened cocoa powder (or cacao powder), vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.  This instant 4-ingredient dessert is nutritious, kid-friendly, easy to make, perfect for hot weather days and mega delicious.

Chocolate Nice Cream

No-Churn Vegan Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

If you haven’t yet tried “nice cream” now is your chance to jump on the bandwagon.  It is simply frozen bananas blended into a smooth and creamy texture with no liquid added.  Bananas are naturally creamy and smooth when frozen and blended.  In this post, I share the easiest way to achieve the best results for your next batch of no-churn vegan chocolate banana ice cream.

No-Churn Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

I have been meaning to add this recipe to the blog for years!  This is my go-to easy summer dessert that I make for the kids when they want something fun and sweet but I want to give them something quick and nutritious.  Whenever I have bananas that are overripe and starting to go bad, I cut them up and freeze them so I always have frozen bananas on hand to make this recipe.  In fact, this recipe works best with slightly overripe bananas because they are softer and sweeter.  If my kids ask for a banana and they don’t finish it I freeze the other half for this recipe too.  Basically, I always have frozen bananas ready to go and nothing goes to waste.