This dish may look like it has a lot going on but could not be easier to prepare.  I cook the acorn squash the night before in my Instant Pot (takes five minutes).  In the morning, I reheat the acorn squash in the microwave and build my bowl.

As many of you may know, my oven broke a couple weeks back so I have been relying on my Instant Pot more and more these days.  I have had two acorn squash on hand for weeks now just mocking me as I patiently wait for my new oven parts to come in.

Then it dawned on me I could easily and quickly cook the acorn squash in my Instant Pot!  So I did, and then I ended up turning them into breakfast bowls and it was amazing.  I highly recommend trying this out even though it sounds a bit different than most breakfast bowls.

The acorn squash is buttery and warm and pairs wonderfully with cold creamy vanilla plant-based yogurt, warm cinnamon, creamy almond butter, and chewy and sweet granola.  I sprinkled hemp seeds for added protein and a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten the whole deal.  And just like that, I was getting fiber, a veggie, plant-based protein, whole grains and lots of yummy flavor.