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Snacking Dreidels

  • Author: Elaine Gordon


Youc an use almost anything to create a dreidel shape!  Use any or all of the ideas below and get creative with whatever you have on hand. 



  1. Use any of the above ingredients and cut them into the shape of a dreidel. 
  2. For the pears I sliced them top down and they naturally made the shape of a dreidel.  I saved small slices of pear to make the dreidel's top and Hebrew letters.
  3. For the dates, I squeezed the smaller side into a point and stuck half a pretzel stick into the other side.
  4. For the Larabars, I cut each bar into two dreidel shapes (I snacked on the pieces I didn't need).  I then stuck a small piece of a pretzel stick into the top of the Larabar dreidel. I used a chopstick to write the hebrew letters on the Larabar.  I dipped the tip of the chopstick in melted chocolate and used it like a pen.   
  5. For the dreidel sandwiches, I stack two pieces of bread and then cut them into dreidel shapes with a knife.  I then add the almond butter and raspberry chia jam and make a sandwich.  On the top I arrange the blueberries in the Hebrew letters that appear on the dreidel.  I save the scrap pieces of bread and make mini sandwiches too.


Another fun idea: vegan cheese cubes or cheese sticks cut into 3-D dreidel shapes with a pretzel stick stuck into the top.

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