This vegan and raw Broccoli Salad with California Avocado is a simple and flavorful plant-based side dish that makes broccoli taste delicious!  The addictive creamy tahini-based dressing is quick to whisk together and naturally softens the raw broccoli as it marinates so it is perfectly tender when served.  Everyone is surprised by how incredible this nutritious salad tastes.  This easy recipe uses the entire head of broccoli (including the stem) and is dairy-free, mayo-free, egg-free, grain-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free and soy-free.  

Vegan Broccoli Salad with California Avocado

This vegan and raw broccoli salad with California avocado is an unexpectedly delicious side dish that is easy to make.  Broccoli can oftentimes be considered boring or unappealing.  But with this addictive tahini-based dressing you will feel different!  The dressing is creamy from the tahini and olive oil whisked together.  It has a bold and spicy garlic flavor and is slightly sweet from the maple syrup.  I could use this simple dressing on just about everything this summer!

I love that this recipe uses the entire head of broccoli.  I love the broccoli stem!  I think it is sweet and has an amazing texture, especially once it starts to slightly soften when combined with the dressing.  I love adding roasted and salted pepita seeds to the broccoli salad for added plant-based protein, healthy fats, iron (and a salty addictive crunch).  I added green onions to this salad which also adds to the texture and flavor.  I like green onions because they are not as overpowering as red onions but still offer a nice flavor boost.  Finally, I added California avocado to compliment the crunchy raw broccoli salad.  The creamy rich avocado pairs perfectly with the salad and adds healthy fats and additional nutrients to the side dish.  It is a perfect pairing of bountiful flavor and nutrition with incredible texture.