Skillet Cake Vegan Vanilla

This one-skillet vanilla cake is a wonderful dessert to make for spring entertaining.  It’s made with simple, wholesome ingredients and has an incredibly light and fluffy texture.  The cake is refined sugar-free and filled with lots of sweet vanilla flavor.  For frosting I went with a vegan, dye-free, all-natural frosting that is vibrant and decadent.

When it comes to dessert I like to keep things quick and easy.  For this cake recipe I simply whisked together oat flour, oat milk, maple syrup, avocado oil, vanilla extract, baking powder and salt.  That’s it!  I have found butter and refined sugars are really not needed to make a moist and sweet cake.  My family and friends just went crazy over it and couldn’t believe how healthy and allergy-friendly it is.  

Vegan Vanilla Cake

For the frosting I used my Vegan Vanilla Frosting and added just a bit of beetroot powder to make it naturally pink.  The frosting is quick and easy to make and so yummy with this cake.  You could also puree actual strawberries and add them to the frosting for an authentic strawberry pink color and flavor.  If you do this, you can replace the splash of milk with the strawberry puree so it isn’t too runny.  

Vegan and Gluten-free vanilla cake with pink frosting

I garnished the cake with strawberry roses because I was feeling extra fancy the day I made it.  You could simply use dye-free natural sprinkles, crushed freeze dried raspberries or just leave it plain with the pink icing. 

The strawberry roses are actually easier to create than they probably look.  I followed this simple tutorialWith a couple strategic cuts and bends you can make this fun and healthy adornment.  The fresh strawberries pair really well with this cake and when serving I move one strawberry rose to each slice so everyone can have one to enjoy.  

Strawberry Roses on Skillet Cake

Now let’s talk about this skillet.  First of all, I’m in love with the color.  Purple has always been my favorite color and I love this specific hue of purple in this signature cast-iron skillet from Le Creuset.  It is technically called fig and I just love the earthy, deep violet color infused with subtle brown tones.  It is a comforting complement to any neutral palette and pairs well with my kitchen style.  

Strawberry Vanilla Vegan Cake

Le Creuset is a brand I have always known and loved.  I grew up with my dad using their dutch oven to cook chili every football Sunday.  He was the ultimate gourmet foodie and had his pot for over 35 years.  He used it to the max and it really stood the test of time.  After my dad passed away my brother started using it and it still works perfectly.  Le Creuset products last and last and are just the highest quality. 

That is why I am beyond excited to partner with Le Creuset on this recipe.  They just launched a new line of products in calming hues to encourage finding calm in the kitchen.  The idea is for the color palettes to evoke calming, comforting feelings.  These new hues are inspired by current trends toward clarity and intentionality.  For me, these feelings in the kitchen could not be more true.  My cooking style is intentional yet uncomplicated which fits this movement well.  

Vegan and Gluten-free Cake

They sent me three of their products in their brand new fig color including this 10-inch signature cast iron skillet which I have fallen in love with.  It is the perfect size for making skillet desserts in the oven.  And I have also loved using it on the stovetop and then transitioning my dish to finish it off in the oven or on the grill.  For me, finding calm in the kitchen means the freedom to ea