Guilt-free Thanksgiving Sides (Dairy-Free Butternut Squash Soup, Roasted Root Veggies & Quinoa “Stuffing”)

Thanksgiving is a time of family, celebration — and thousands of calories. But don’t blame the turkey. You’ll most likely find the calorie culprits right next to it: the sides. Many popular Thanksgiving cooking techniques include breading, frying or smothering with high-fat sauces that significantly increase calories and saturated fat. And we often miss out [...]

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Save Heirloom Seeds for Vegetable Diversity (+ Some Fun Veggie Recipes)

I recently learned about the importance of saving heirloom seeds to preserve vegetable diversity for future generations.  I use veggies in a ton of my blogposts and would be personally devastated if crop diversity continued to diminish.  This would mean less variation in color, flavor and texture. TERRA partnered with Seed Savers Exchange (a non-profit organization [...]

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