I recently met the world famous Bobby Flay in Baltimore City! He was in town checking up on his new restaurant, Bobby’s Burgers Palace, in Arundel Mills’ Maryland Casino Live. I spotted him at the Four Seasons Hotel in Harbor East at a new hot Japanese Restaurant, Pabu.

As a huge Food Network fan I introduced myself and was impressed at how friendly and kind the food legend was to me as I babbled about how much I enjoyed his Sixteen Spiced Chicken dish at MESA grill while on vacation almost 3 years ago (I still remember it as the best chicken I have ever had).

SpiceRubChickenThis amazing celebrity run-in reminded me of how truly delicious chicken can be if prepared with the right spices and flavors. So, in honor of my recent Bobby Flay run-in, I cooked another fantastically flavorful chicken dish that was recently aired on the Food Network (All-Star Grillfest: South Beach [originally filmed in 2007]). In this segment, Bobby Flay shares his “Spanish Spice Rubbed Chicken Breast with Parsley-Mint Sauce” (full recipe).

The chicken rub is so much fun and every bite is full of smoky, spicy, earthy flavor. He brilliantly pairs the chicken with a spicy and “herbaceous” pesto-like sauce. It takes chicken from bland to BAM!

Several tips from Bobby:

  1. Add salt and pepper to the chicken before the oil and the spice rub
  2. Always oil the chicken and not the grill
  3. Don’t overpower the chicken: put the spice rub on one-side only
  4. Brush oil on chicken after you flip (the non-rub side)
  5. Drizzle the parsley-mint sauce rustically on top of the chicken

I serve with my light and sweet mayo-free coleslaw salad. This cold and refreshing salad offsets the heat and spice from Bobby’s chicken.

Shown here with the chicken on a salad using the Parsley-Mint Sauce as the salad dressing (I left out the jalepeno and found it more enjoyable).